Auditorium Stage Use Procedures

It is the responsibility of the person or persons running the event to communicate their needs to the school administration and faculty stage managers through the database.


All events held in the auditorium must be ‘Created and Approved’ through the website. The event will not take place until it is Approved by all administration and faculty involved. MCSD faculty and administration may create events through Schooldude. Community organizations need to access the community use calendar through the Facilities Use page on the district website. All specific needs for the event should be entered into Dude Solutions (Lighting, sound, microphones, projection screen, podiums, chairs, tables, etc.). Please contact your building Main Office or Ms. Sheri Bisland (x70599) for assistance in using

Equipment Use and Stage Crew:

Event needs such as the use of microphones, special lighting, sound system, projection screen, podiums, sound shells, and chorus risers should be communicated to the faculty stage managers through Schooldude. Direct communication through email as the event date nears is also recommended and should be initiated by the person running the event. Certain event needs may require a faculty member or a student stage crew member to be present during the event. Outside community organizations may be required to pay a fee for using the facilities and MCSD personnel. Please contact the Student Stage Crew Manager to coordinate personnel needs.

Technology, School Safety, and Custodial Needs:

All technology needs (computer/projector), School Safety (Safety Staff/parking), and Custodial (tables/chairs) needs should be placed in and communicated with the appropriate administrative personnel. The Stage Managers are not responsible for these needs.

Event Set-up and Clean-up:

When entering events into Schooldude please enter realistic set-up and clean times. Note that set-up times should not overlap earlier scheduled events. The stage should be cleared and equipment returned to their ‘storage positions’ at the end of the event. Special materials, sets, or props used for the event should be removed from the Auditorium within one school day from the end of the event. The Performing Arts Department and Stage Managers are not responsible for special materials that are left behind after the end of an event.

Equipment Use and Storage Positions

Chorus Risers:

Seven interlocking risers are available for use in the pit area of the auditorium. They are not to be placed on stage. The Stage Managers or Student Stage Crew are capable of setting up and breaking down the risers. They are to be stored in the Auditorium/Middle School Lobby area stacked against the walls (Outside Stage Left Exit).

Light Blue Performing Arts Department Chairs:

The light blue chairs should be stacked and stored backstage on Stage Right. They can be stacked 6-8 chairs high and placed against the fly railing.

Music Stand Racks:

There are two music stand racks. Music stands that are not in use should be slid into the racks and stored backstage on Stage Left near the Garage Door.

Sound Shells:

There are six sound shells used for the performing music groups. Only Stage Managers and qualified Student Stage Crew can move, open, and close them. They are to be stored along the back walk to the left of the Middle School Band Room Door. They can be stacked in threes.

Projection Screen:

The projection screen is attached to the fly system and can be lowered for use and raised for storage. Stage Managers, qualified Student Stage Crew, and Buildings and Grounds personnel may lower or raise the screen as needed. The projector can be placed either in the pit or backstage projecting forwards. The technology department handles set-up and adjustment of the projector.


Only MCSD piano faculty and students should use the piano in the pit. It can be rolled to the needed position, off to the side (Stage Left), or up against the stage for storage. The piano should be locked, covered, and humidity control (underneath piano) should be plugged in at all times. The piano is NOT A TABLE for people to put things on.

Speaker Podium and Conductor Podium:

The tall wood Speaker Podium is used for various assemblies. It can be rolled around the stage or placed in the pit if needed. A microphone can be attached to it and controlled at the soundboard. The speaker podium has a light that can be plugged in to shine on the speaker’s notes. The gray flat Conductor Podium is used during music ensemble concerts. It can be rolled on its side. Both podiums should be stored backstage (Stage Right) when not in use.

Auditorium Doors:

The auditorium doors should always be locked and closed when not in use. All MCSD staff should lock the doors when finished using the room. Custodial, School Safety, Administration, and Performing Arts faculty all have keys to the auditorium.

Performing Arts Department Tables and Ladders:

The Performing Arts Department has several long tables and two ladders that are used throughout the year. They should be stored against the back wall next to the garage door and tool cabinets.

Sound Systems:

The auditorium has two separate sound systems available.

  • The ‘Old System’ can be used and set up by the person running the event and does not need a Stage Manager or Student Stage Crew member present to operate. The system is located backstage (Stage Right) against the wall near the stairs in a square black metal cabinet. The power button and master volume can be used to operate it. Do not adjust any other settings however. A microphone and cable are stored in the cabinet on top of the controls. The microphone plugs into the outlet on top of the stage. It is located center stage about three feet back. It is shared with a power outlet. When no longer in use, the system should be turned off and mic/cable wrapped up and returned to storage positions. The system is kept unlocked to be used during an emergency assembly.
  • The ‘Main System’ consists of the large soundboard near the back seats of the auditorium and the large rectangular black metal cabinet near the ladder (Backstage – Stage Right). This system is used for special musical productions or when multiple microphones, wireless microphones, CDs, or concert recording is needed. Only the Stage Managers or qualified Student Stage Crew can operate this system.


  • There are two controls for the auditorium lighting. The backstage (Stage Right) light board is located next to the wall switches. The power button makes the light green and activates the sliders. The first two sliders are the house lights. The other sliders control the stage lights. The person running the event may adjust the lighting from this board as needed.
  • The large light board in the soundboard area is to be used by Stage Managers or qualified Student Stage Crew only.
  • The red “Panic Buttons” throughout the auditorium are used to turn on all of the auditorium lights in the event of an emergency. They should not be left on regularly. Turn the light board backstage on then turn off the Red Panic Button to reset the controls.

Musicals, Drama and Dance Productions:

The Auditorium hosts several major stage productions each year. The high school musical, middle school musical, high school drama, and Dance Show all share the same stage with rehearsal times that regularly overlap. All rehearsals and set build times should be placed in Schooldude.

Costumes and Props:

Costumes and props from the stage production need to be removed from the auditorium within one school day from the end of the production. The Performing Arts Department and Stage Managers are not responsible for materials that are left behind after the end of the production.

Tools and Build Supplies:

All equipment used to build the show sets need to stored and locked up in the tool cabinets near the garage door (Stage Left). Adult supervision must be present during all set building times.

Musical Sets and Extra Build Materials:

There is limited room backstage for storage of musical sets or left over materials from the stage productions. Only the set pieces that are used each year and reusable build materials should be saved and stored backstage (Stage Left). Set pieces that will not be saved need to be broken down and removed from the auditorium. Please contact Mr. Michael Mingo regarding what can be stored and what cannot. This should be done within one school day from the end of the production.

Floor Tape:

Only ‘painters’ tape should be used to tape and mark locations on the stage floor. All other tape damages the wood finish when it is removed. All tape should be removed within one school day from the end of the production.