A monstrously good time at KLR

Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School kicked off their monstrous month of February with a visit from author and illustrator, Daniel Jude Miller, on Feb. 5. The students and staff enjoyed his presentations sponsored by EPIC. One of the favorite parts of the presentation was the unveiling of Fergurson the monster.

Daniel Miller ended his presentation with a challenge for the students…to create their own homemade monsters! Families were encouraged to make a monster using recyclable items, name it and bring it in to school to be displayed during the KLR Monster Family Literacy Night on Feb. 27.

In addition to the homemade monster displays, families will enjoy monster stories, a monster stomp and a mini art show showcasing the monster projects students are designing in their art classes.  To continue with the monster theme, the KLR PTO hosted a free family monster movie night on Feb. 12. Several families came in their pajamas and enjoyed watching the movie with family and friends.  

several monster creations are on a display table daniel miller is standing on a stage in the middle of presenting to students