Welcome Back Students – 2018

Hello Monticello High School Students & Families!

Students at Monticello High School are succeeding more than ever before with record high graduation and promotion rates. We are committed to helping every student achieve their very best and to earn their high school diploma. We will be focusing on helping all of our students graduate not just test ready but Life Ready. To do this, each student will need to accept and embrace the many opportunities they will have to be successful. We welcome your involvement as we have all been positively influenced by the support of many. We will also have the benefit of our new Assistant Principal, Ms. Rachel Blount, who will be supporting our students to be successful.

This school year we will continue our Student Internship Program. Students who are academically eligible and have their working papers may apply for paid internships at the high school. Our program has been a spectacular success and we look forward to growing it. Internships are a great way to learn
work readiness skills while contributing to the school community. Be sure to check out the opportunities in the main office and in guidance!

Speaking of academic eligibility, please be sure to know and understand our district policy. We are providing more opportunities for students to become eligible while also increasing accountability for their academic success. Our students are student-athletes with the term “student” coming first. Students are capable of, and expected to, meet their course requirements and keep up with their responsibilities. We have multiple supports available to ensure academic success both during and after school. Reach out to your child’s guidance counselor if you have any questions.

As a school, we continue to improve our safety and security measures to ensure our students are safe and are being prepared for the expectations of future careers. We have an entrance into the high school for all students at the front and rear of the building. At arrival times, students will enter through the doorways to the left of the main entrance. After the arrival times, students will enter through the main entrance only.

Also at arrival, the dress code will be strictly enforced as students enter the building. Please review the dress code carefully and be sure to meet these expectations. Students will be required to change their dress to meet the requirements before they are allowed to class. Come ready to succeed!

Lastly, this is the year that many young men and women will graduate and move on to exciting new opportunities with futures to be shaped. Make smart decisions, have fun, and be kind to others. Your life and the lives of others are too important for careless mistakes. Be your best self, encourage others to do
the same, and make it a great year!

Most Sincerely,

Stephen Wilder
Principal, Monticello High School
Twitter: @MontiHS_Pride