We need you! Can you help us find pictures for the yearbook?

an image of a sad-looking puppy with the word "Missing" written in red ink\

No, not this cute puppy — just pictures for the yearbook. Could you help us find some? 

We need your photos for this year’s George L. Cooke Elementary School yearbook. 

To purchase a yearbook and upload:

  1. Go to www.treering.com/validate
  2. Enter your school’s passcode:

    Deadline is April 29 

Upload Your Photos

  • Log in and click Shared Photos on the left.
  • Click the Add Photos button to upload photos from your computer, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive & more.
  • You can choose the appropriate Shared Folder to help us organize, or add to the school feed.

For a visual representation of the upload process, click here 

Get the app

Download the TreeRing app from the Apple App store to upload photos from your mobile device. Simply search for “TreeRing yearbook” on the App Store and download the app to your device. 

screen shot of search results from searching treering on app store. The logo is green and has an image of a yearbook with a tree growing out of it