Update regarding emergency days

As of Feb. 19, the MCSD has used seven of its 10 allotted emergency days, leaving the District with three remaining emergency days, and 34 days until the spring season (and hopefully, spring weather) arrives.

“We are hopeful that Mother Nature spares us from the extreme and extended winter weather that we saw last school year and that we will complete the school year according to our current schedule,” Superintendent of Schools Tammy Mangus said. “We must always prioritize student and staff safety when it comes to making weather-related delays and closures. We want our families to be prepared in the event that we see inclement weather linger into late winter and early spring.”

If all days are used prior to spring break and the District must take back vacation days, it will begin by taking back Monday, April 15 and continue forward until all spring break days are extinguished.

If the district does not use its emergency days, it will “give back” days according to the schedule below.

1 day: April 22

2 days: April 22 and April 12

3 days: April 22, April 12 and May 24