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Z Pass Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Z Pass?

A. Z Pass is a student identification system designed specifically for school bus transportation. The Z Pass System uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to provide Monticello Central School District (MCSD) with information on when and where student riders entered and exited district buses.

Q. How does the ZPass work?

A. Each student who is eligible for district transportation will receive an identification card. Each card is associated with a unique identification number and students’ personal information is never captured or stored. Each time a student enters or exits a bus, he or she will scan his/her card at the card reader at the front of the bus. The time, date, and location of each student is logged and transmitted to a secure, confidential database accessible only to the district’s administrators.

Q. What are the benefits of the program?

A. The program provides a reliable way to identify student bus riders. In the event of an emergency, the district will have critical student information and parent/guardian contact information immediately. The data collected also enables the district to improve bus services based upon accurate, real-time information.

Q. Who is eligible to receive a ZPass?

A. All K-12 students who are eligible for MCSD transportation will eventaully receive a Z Pass. The district will begin distributing ZPasses to a select group of students in March and will begin phasing in more students over the coming months.

Q. How will students receive their ZPass cards?

A. Beginning in March, a select group of students who ride district buses will be issued a Z Pass identification card via a letter home to parents. We will track implementation of the system over a 45 day period, make adjustments accordingly, and then bring on the next Phase of students to the Z-Pass system. The district will notify parents/guardians via a letter home with the student(s)' identification card enclosed. Students must carry these cards when riding the bus.

Q. How will APS ensure that student information remains confidential?

A. The Z Pass system records only the student name and a unique identification number. Personal student information is never associated with the card. The information is stored in a confidential, secure database and can only be accessed by district administrators.

Q. If my child forgets his/her Z Pass, can he/she still ride the bus?

A. Yes, your student will be allowed to ride the bus. If your student does not have the ZPass when boarding the bus, he/she should notify the driver. Students who forget or do not have their Z Pass cards yet will not be denied a ride to or from school.

Q. What if my child loses his/her Z Pass card?

A. Please notify your child’s principal as soon as possible so that we can deactivate the lost card and issue the student a new one.

Q. Who can I contact if I still have questions?

Please contact Catherine Addor, Assistant Superintendent of School Administration at 845-794-7700 ext. 70501