Team Cortland collaborates with excellent results

Team Cortland certainly knows how to work together.

In ELA, students are working on making connections between texts.

“Collaboration is working together on something to make it better,” said Keliyah Thomas, pictured here in the bright orange hoodie. 

“I think collaboration is being able to work with others as a team,” added Julia Wysokinska, at the table in the gray shirt.

Two middle school students stand and read their report while anotehr is in front of them recording on an ipad.In social studies, students worked together to create a film that describes the impact of fire and farming on mankind. The students did the research, recorded their classmates providing the information and then put together a video on the subject. 

All through the work of collaboration.Three middle school students sit at a table with ipads. They are looking at a screen where tey are editing a video