Successful tax season at Monticello High School

Written by Academy of Finance Senior Taylor Spargo.

The Academy of Finance at Monticello High School has been a part of many cool and exciting experiences that benefit the community. However, none have been like the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program.

After receiving an IRS certification to prepare federal and state tax returns, seniors in the Financial Decision Making class were able to participate in an experience of a lifetime. Not only did they prepare clients’ tax returns, they did so at no charge to the client. Students saw the results of their effort for two months work, which was that they prepared 196 tax returns and saved taxpayers over $45,000 in tax preparation fees.

Students were not only excited that they helped keep money in the community but there was a learning experience associated with the program as well. Students experienced socializing and communicating with people they did not know. In addition, they acquired the knowledge of how to prepare a tax return, which is something they can use in the future. Without the effort from students and staff of Monticello High School, as well as citizens of the community in need of income tax preparation, the VITA Program would not have occurred. This was the 10th year running the VITA Program at Monticello, with the hope to continue to help the community for many tax seasons to come.