Staff re-opening coronavirus procedures

The below is a memo from Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Matthew Evans, dated July 14, 2020. 

As we gradually re-open our offices and schools in providing essential summer services and preparing for the 2020–21 school year, all Monticello CSD employees are expected to take the following precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in all district buildings and campuses. The following take effect immediately.

These requirements are adapted from the New York State Department of Health’s Office-Based Work Guidelines for Employers and Employees.

I. Physical Distancing

a. In as much as possible, employees are encouraged to telephone or video conference with each other or visitors as an alternative to meeting in person.

b. When interacting in person, all employees shall maintain a minimum distance of six (6) feet apart, unless the “safety of the core activity requires a shorter distance.”

c. Common/Shared Areas will be rearranged to ensure six feet of distancing and hand sanitizer, to the extent required, shall be provided for in such areas.

d. Workstations shall be reconfigured to ensure six feet of separation for all employees and to prohibit the use of shared workstations (alternatively, if you allow for shared workstations, they need to be cleaned and disinfected between users).

e. The use of tightly small spaces (e.g., elevators,) by more than one individual at a time is prohibited unless that use is necessary, and individuals are wearing masks.

II. Protective Equipment

a. Employees shall wear protective facial coverings (see 1, below) (e.g., masks) when:

i. Interacting with another person within six (6) feet, and

ii. Proceeding through common areas, such as office spaces, hallways, etc.

b. Employees shall always be prepared to don protective facial coverings.

c. Employees are welcome to wear protective facial coverings at any time, including when interacting with others, regardless of distancing.

d. For the period of time that the District is obligated to do so, it will provide acceptable face coverings to employees.

e. Employees may not share face coverings.

f. Training will be provided to employees on how to don, doff, clean, disinfect, and then dispose of face coverings.

g. Employees should limit the sharing of objects.

III. Screening

a. Upon arrival at a Monticello CSD school or district office, each employee or visitor shall:

i. Sign-in

ii. Complete the Monticello CSD Daily Health Questionnaire

iii. Employees who answer “yes,” to any of the Health Questionnaire questions shall be required to immediately notify their direct supervisor.

iv. Employees who answer “yes,” to any of the Health Questionnaire questions shall be sent home with instructions to contact their healthcare provider for assessment and testing.

b. A school office designee will

i. Administer the Monticello CSD Daily Health Questionnaire to all reporting employees and visitors.

ii. File each school’s daily employee/visitor log and Questionnaire.

IV. Visitors

a. All visitors must schedule their visits with each school or district office in advance of their arrival.

b. School and district office staff reserve the right to not admit any visitor who has not scheduled his/her visit in advance of his/her arrival.

c. All visitors will sign-in and complete the Monticello CSD Daily Health Questionnaire.

d. Visitor logs will be filed by school office staff.

1 For the purposes of this document, facial coverings should be fashioned and worn in a manner consistent with Center for Disease Control guidelines: Covering the nose and mouth and secured under the chin.

Information on leave entitlements due to COVID-19 is available here