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In the Spotlight

Throughout the year, Monticello Central School District shines the light on teachers and staff who do exceptional things
for our students and go above and beyond each and every day. Click the links below to see who has been featured:

The Transportation Department (06/18/2018)
The MTA-Toy Story team (04/13/2018)
The Academy of Finance (02/12/2018) 
The Monticello Tech Team (01/03/2018)
Brenda Sywalski (10/18/17)
Chris Palmer (4/26/16)
Patti Andersen (3/14/16)
Tim and Allision Billias (1/29/16)
Becky Perez (12/21/16)
Jill Harrold (12/1/15)
Bob Lyons (11/12/15)
Joette LeBlanc (10/29/15)
Edwin Ruiz (9/28/15)
Carolyn Rojas (6/16/15)
Amy Garrett (5/13/15)
Susan Bahrenburg (4/29/15)
Dana Taylor (3/30/15)
Deena Tanzman (3/16/15)
Yesenia Kreeger (3/2/15)
Ellen Nutters (1/20/15)
William Stento (1/5/15)
Kerry Dowling (12/11/14)