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Monticello Central School District has ongoing registration for new students throughout the school year and summer. Registration is done by appointment only. After making your appointment, please pre-register your child here.

For children to qualify for kindergarten, they must turn five years of age by Dec. 1 of the school year when they plan to start school.

For information about registering a child, contact the District Registrar by phone at (845) 794-7700, ext. 78905, or by email at

Kindergarten registration

Kindergarten registration will be taking place March 5-8 and March 19-22 by appointment only. Download Parent's Guide to Kindergarten [PDF]

Where do I go to register my child?

Registration is done by appointment only. For your scheduled appointment, go to the registrar’s office at 37 Breakey Ave. It is located on the lower level of Monticello High School by the auditorium, in the attendance office. The registrar's office is part of the Department of Pupil Personnel Services.

What must I bring with me to register my child?



•  driver's license, learner's permit or non-driver ID; or, if not available,
•  state or government issued ID; or, if not available,
•  documents issued by federal, state or local agenices

Proof of residency:


•  deed, mortgage or copy of  legal lease agreement; or, if not available,
•  rent receipt; or, if not available,
•  telephone or utility bills; or, if not available,
•  voter registration document; or, if not available,
•  membership documents, such as a library card (if it has parent's address); or, if not
•  pay stub or bank information; or if not available,
•  income tax form

For FAQ regarding residency, please click here

Proof of CHILD'S date of birth:

•  a duly certified birth certificate filed according to law; or, if not available,
•  a passport showing the date of birth of the child; or, if not available,
•  a baptismal certificate.

cHILD'S health records:

•  immunization record; or, if not available,
•  records indicating your child has had, or at least started, the required immunizations
•  health/physical exam records
Please note: All new students will be expected to provide the school nurse with documentation of an annual physical exam which has been completed within 12 months of entry to the school. Students who cannot present such documentation must have a physical exam within 30 days of starting school.

other records, if relevant:

•  transcripts of grades to date
•  custody papers
•  IEP (Individualized Education Plan) from previous school district
•  section 504 documentation from previous school district
•  last report card for placement purposes

Registration Paperwork:

Below are additional forms to register a new student. These forms must be filled out and submitted at the time of your appointment.

If you change your address after registering...

Don't forget to notify the school district when you move. A Change of Address form must be filled out, with proof of residency, and filed with the district registrar for all children in your household. Click here for the Change of Address Form [PDF].

Rights for Parents of Children with Disabilities, ages 3-21

As a parent, you can be a vital member of the Committee on Special Education (CSE) or Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). The CSE/CPSE is responsible for developing recommendations for special education programs and services for your child. You are entitled to participate in the CSE/CPSE discussion and decision-making process about your child’s needs for special education.

Click here for information concerning procedural safeguards that are your legal rights under federal and state law. This includes the right to be informed about and involved in the special education process, and to make sure that your child receives a free appropriate public education.