Final exam update

A Message from MHS Principal, Stephen Wilder: 

The Winter weather over the past week has resulted in challenging scheduling scenarios to complete our Regents and final examinations.  While we finished all Regents examinations on Friday, and completed some of our final exams on Monday, we still have a few exams remaining.  Here are the scenarios regarding the completion of our final exams.

Wednesday, Jan. 30 

Scenario #1: Full Day of School = Reverse 2 Hour Delay, as was planned for today (Tuesday), with final exams being completed from 12:30-2:15 pm.

Scenario #2: Delayed Opening = Students who need to complete final exams will have lunch 5th period and test periods 6-9 in the library.

Scenario #3: School Closure = Using either Scenario #1 or Scenario #2 on Thursday, Jan. 31.

I appreciate all the flexibility and tenacity that our students, families, faculty, and staff have demonstrated.  I wish all our students a successful completion of the remaining first semester exams and a strong start to the second semester.