Part Time Teacher Aide (Lunch Monitor) 19-20(91)

POSITIONS: Part Time Teacher Aide (Lunch Monitor)

POST DATE: September 5, 2019
POST END DATE: September 19, 2019



APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 19, 2019

This position involves the performance of classroom duties to assist a teacher in accomplishing classroom objectives as well as performing other duties, which while related to the teaching process, can be performed by non-professional personnel. Work is performed under the direct supervision of a Teacher or Teacher Assistant.

Incumbents in this title may perform some or all of the following, as well as other related activities not described.
1. Assists in setting up laboratory equipment;
2. Proctors and assists in administering examinations;
3. Assists in correcting test papers, recording grades, and maintaining student files;
4. May operate recording equipment, reading laboratory equipment, film projectors, and other equipment;
5. May perform simple clerical duties under general supervision;
6. Reads to children and plays records for children;
7. May provide oversight and/or personal assistance to students in the hallways, bathrooms and other areas in school buildings and on school grounds as required;
8. Assists in distributing supplies to classroom students;
9. Assists in supervision recreation, lunch periods and study halls;
10. May be required to assist in clean up in cafeteria/dining room and may perform other basic housekeeping tasks;
11. Assist in arts and crafts or other classroom activities;
12. Attends and participates in designated school meetings and trainings, as required.

1. Good general intelligence;
2. Ability to establish good relationships with children and others;
3. Familiarity with classroom routine;
4. Good background or knowledge in specific field where specialized duties are involved, indirectly related to teaching process;
5. Neat personal appearance;
6. Ability to maintain discipline;
7. Tact;
8. Courtesy;
9. Good judgement;
10. Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (A) Graduation from High School or possession of an equivalency diploma; or
(B) Two (2) years of experience in a recreational field, arts and crafts field, in working with children, or in related activities.

This is a non-competitive civil service position.

HOW TO APPLY: Please submit your letter of interest and application to:
Personnel Department Attn: Rhonda Jeter
Monticello Central School District
237 Forestburgh Road
Monticello, NY 12701
(845)794-7700 ext.70541