Part Time Grant Funded My Brother’s Keeper Academic Mentor 19-20(52)

POSITION: Part-Time Grant Funded My Brother’s Keeper Academic Mentor

POST DATE: September 6, 2019
POST END DATE: September 20, 2019


SALARY: Grant Funded Hourly Rate


(A) Experience interacting with a risk youth
(B) Knowledge of culturally responsive practices and interventions
(C) An equivalent combination of training and experience as described in (A) and (B) above.

Incumbents in this title may perform some or all of the following, as well as other related activities not described.
(1) Provide academic instruction using differentiated approaches to teaching for students with various ability levels and disabilities;
(2) Maintain records of grades, transcripts, regens, and missing assignments, and collaborate with each student’s teachers to develop academic improvement plan.
(3) Collect missing assignments from student’s teachers as needed and teach students to executive functioning skills needed to boost academic success.
(4) Ensure a positive, productive, and stable environment utilizing positive communication strategies and developing strong relationships.
(5) Teach and instruct My Brother’s Keeper students on life skills, communication skills, and character education;
(6) Supervise and engage students at all times to ensure safety, conduct compliance, and participation;
(7) Participate in collaborative team meetings with My Brother’s Keeper staff to brainstorm strategies for engagement;
(8) Develop effective and creative engagement strategies for families, along with facilitating parental outreach activities on a regular basis;
(9) Maintain My Brother’s Keeper Program attendance records;
(10)Mediate peer conflict as needed throughout MBK program activities;
(11)Facilitate individual and organized group discussions with the My Brother’s Keeper students;
(12)Create engaging and hands on activities for the youth to work in small groups or large groups, depending on group dynamics ;
(13)Assist in the day-to-day tasks needed to keep program running smoothly.

Incumbents must be available to work in the afternoons and/or evenings and/or weekends.

HOW TO APPLY: Letters of Interest To:
Michael Regan, MBK Coordinator
Monticello High School
39 Breakey Avenue
Monticello, NY 12701