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Security and the Internet

Our students have access to more than we ever had with the advent of the internet. With those advantages comes a need to be cautious and to monitor activities.

Please consider the following:

1. Values - our value system is the same, but the landscape has changed. The information on the school network is highly secure and should not be tampered with. It is not a playground for hacking in any way. There have been instances where students have tampered with files of other students and tried to "hack" into our network. It is a violation of privacy and should be respected. We have always taught our young people to be socially responsible and this is another area to be aware of.

2. Character - is what you do when no one is looking. It is illegal to copy any music, videos, or other copyrighted content that is not bought or legitimate. We often "share" our music through ipods and mp3 players but if it is not purchased, it is illegal.

3. Safety - chat rooms, cell phones, my space are social networking sites and devices that have made our children vulnerable to those that don't always have good intentions.

Please review the following to assist in keeping your children safe:

  • Learn about the technology,
  • Know what chat rooms your children are in,
  • Monitor the amount of time your child is on the computer,
  • Computers should be in a central location in the home, not in a child's bedroom,
  • Be aware of violent gaming they may be involved in,
  • Never post anything personal to the web especially personal information, pictures from digital cell phones, etc. There is a risk of identify fraud and someone tracking down your child,
  • Do not use their real names in corresponding in chats or creating websites,
  • Look for suspicious activity. There are many gang sites, sexually explicit sites, and other groups that would not be healthy,
  • Report illegal content to the police,
  • Visit your child's web page if they have one.