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You had questions, we have answers - a message for parents of sixth graders

July 27, 2017 

On May 10, the Robert J. Kaiser Middle School held its parent orientation for the incoming sixth grade class, where parents completed a feedback survey.

We would like to thank you all for your helpful feedback and want to provide you with the answers to your questions!

By now, you should have received an invitation to the Camp Panther student orientation on Aug. 29.

 If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Sixth Grade Guidance Counselor, Ms. Oshinsky, at 796-3058 ext. 3. We look forward to seeing your child at Camp Panther!

Q: What issues will my child face at the middle school?
A: The middle school years are a time when children learn to navigate social circles. This can be challenging for some, as the number of classmates increases. Students also learn how to manage their time and behavior with the newfound freedom that middle school offers (changing classes, multiple teachers/assignments).

Q: What will the workload/homework be like?
A: Workload/homework varies by teacher, but should always be manageable. Students get extra help during their lunch period on a rotating basis and can also stay after school for tutorial/extra help as needed.

Q: What will report cards look like?
A: Report cards will be sent home every 10 weeks. Students will receive a grade on a numerical scale (0-100) and comments regarding their performance in class will also be included. Additionally, progress reports will be sent home at the midpoint of each quarter.

Q: Why are there no sports for the sixth grade?
A: There are! While sixth grade students are not eligible to participate in competitive sports, RJK offers intramural programs for our sixth graders. Students should watch the morning announcements or speak to their PE teachers for additional information.

Q: When do we sign our children up for Boys and Girls Club?
A: Applications for Boys and Girls Club will be available at Camp Panther. After that, you or your child can pick one up in the RJK Guidance Office. Information regarding cost and available scholarships will be included with the application.

Q: When does Chorus, Band and Orchestra meet?
A: Performance Groups for 6th grade meet on an every other day schedule during seventh period. Additionally, students will attend weekly lessons, which are scheduled on a rotating basis throughout the quarter. Students will be responsible for any work they miss while at the lesson.

Q: How long are after school clubs and activities?
A: They vary. Generally speaking, your child would be able to take the 4:30 p.m. bus home. Teachers may request that students be picked up earlier, but will do so with advanced notice.

Q: Do students need the internet for homework?
A: The internet can be a useful tool for homework but students will never be penalized if they do not have internet access. The local libraries are a wonderful resource if you can avail yourself of all they have to offer.

Q: Is Camp Panther for students or parents?
A: Camp Panther is for our incoming sixth grade students only.

Q: How much time is there in between classes?
A: Students are given 3-4 minutes to transition between classes. A bell will sound to signal the beginning and the end of each class period.

Q: Do students with special needs receive support?
A: If a student is entering the middle school with an IEP or 504 Plan, they will receive the supports included in that plan.

Q: How will students receive additional support if they have low ELA and Math test scores?
A: Middle school students are scheduled into Academic Preparation Period (APP) classes where they will receive enrichment or remediation as determined by report card grades, NWEA scores and NYS Assessment scores. Additionally, students reading significantly below grade level will be scheduled into Reading classes.

Q: What safety measures are in place for students throughout the day?

A: The expectations at RJK are laid out in the MCSD Code of Conduct and the student planner. All faculty and staff work to ensure that everyone is in a safe learning environment both physically and emotionally. Emergency drills are conducted to show students what to do in the event of an emergency. RJK has several safety staff members who monitor the building both physically and on the school security network. If a student feels unsafe at any time they should seek out an adult for help.