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MCSD employees honored by Sullivan County School Boards Association

June 5, 2018

sullivan county school boards association awardsThe Monticello Central School District Environmental Stewardship team and George L. Cooke Elementary School Principal Rosemarie Romano received the 2018 Sullivan County School Boards Association’s Friends of Education Award and the Outstanding Educator Award, respectively.

Rosemarie Romano, 2018 Outstanding Educator

Rosemarie Romano began her career at Monticello in 1989, working with special education students for reading recovery, where it quickly became apparent to her more seasoned colleagues that this young teacher’s aide had a natural talent for connecting with students. Ms. Romano went back to school to earn six credits to become a teaching assistant, and then in 1999, a teacher. For 10 years, she taught first grade before being named assistant principal at her beloved Cooke Elementary School. Last year, she was appointed principal of Cooke.

“Roe’s 29 years here in our district have benefited us all, none more than the students whose lives she has influenced,” Ms. Mangus said. “She embodies what it means to be an educator every day, and she does it with grace, style and great shoes.”

MCSD Environmental Stewardship Team, 2018 Friends of Education Award

The district’s Environmental Stewardship team, led by Evadne Giannini of Hospitality Green and Jane Sorensen of Every Person Influences Children (EPIC), have helped students to learn the importance of sustainable habits through hands-on experiences. The team is responsible for the recycling stations at each lunch period in each district building that have significantly reduced the amount of waste produced by the district. The team also leads the Environmental Stewardship Club at Cooke Elementary School and Rutherford Elementary School where students learn the value of our natural resources.

The Environmental Stewardship team includes:
Evadne Giannini of Hospitality Green
Jane Sorensen of Every Person Influences Children (EPIC)
Caroline Patterson
Cherise Barasch
Jon Hannes
Kelly Mitchell
Elisa Mendels
Kimberly Von Aken
Karen Krofoot
Tikva Blum
Evelina Nunez
Elba Zadorian
Wanda Pace
Orietta Acardo
Juan Suarez
Omnia Eighaly
Shanita Artson

“The lessons our students have learned because of these two women and their team expand far beyond sustainability,” Superintendent of Schools Tammy Mangus said. “They are also learning essential lessons in responsibility and collaboration – all while making our world a better place.”