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June 28, 2018

The George L. Cooke third and fourth graders had a spring dance in May with some very special guests.
Students were asked to bring in donations for the dogs and cats at the Catskill Animal Rescue, Inc. (C.A.R.e) in Sullivan County. Joanne Gerow and her son from C.A.R.e were two of the special guests and they brought two more very special guests, Thor and Axel, their two rescue dogs. Large white dog sigs on a stage with his owner in a bright orange t shirt with a large group of elementary students in the audience listening.

The dogs’ previous owners could not take care of them so C.A.R.e came and took them in. Gerow explained that having a pet comes with big responsibility, such as giving them shots so they don’t get sick and having them spayed and neutered Gerow shared a lot of important information about what it takes to take good care of an animal.

The students loved the information and meeting Gerow, her son, Thor and Axel. They also had a great time at the dance, which was organized by fourth grade teacher Kim Thompson, fifth grade teacher Tara Komatz, and first grade teacher Dennis Lankau.

                                                                                 Thor sits with 5th grade students listening to what Mrs. Gerow has to say about animal care.
Elementary students fill the stage with the two rescue dogsMiss Thompson’s 4th graders, Mr. Lankau’s 1st grader’s, and Miss Komataz’s 5th grader students present donations to Mrs. Gerow from C.A.R.e.