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Syrian children receive portraits created by MHS students

May 8, 2018

students paintingDuring Monticello’s annual district-wide art show on Friday, May 18, attendees will watch a video of Syrian children receiving portraits of themselves. To many watching the video, the children will be strangers, but for students in Lisa Baisley’s and Jay Brooks’ Drawing and Painting classes at Monticello High School, there will be familiar faces – faces these students know intricately, since they’ve spent several months painting them.

It’s part of “The Memory Project,” a program that connects art students with children around the world who have experienced trauma, whether through neglect, abuse or extreme poverty. The organization sends participating schools photographs of the children, and the art students work to create a portrait of that child. The portrait is then sent to the child as a keepsake. Staff from The Memory Project travel across the globe with the portraits, and film the children receiving them. The video is then sent back to the art students so they can witness the impact their artwork has had on a child across the world.

Join these art students, and other students from throughout the district on Friday, May 18 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Monticello High School to take in award-winning artwork and to see firsthand how art travels through language barriers and cultural differences to touch lives.

students pose with the portraits they created of Syrian childrenMHS Memory Project participants:
Wilson Bances Hernandez
Dylan Broder
Olivia Brewer
Leslie DeJesus
Michael Green
Coral Gonzalez
Jonathan McGruder
Carlton Evans
Tabitha Peplowski
Jason Moore
Evan Collazo
Luke Farrow
Jordan Porrata
Molly Smith
Gabrielle Acosta-Herrera
Rachel Whitbeck
                                                                                        Mike Schneider
                                                                                        Steven Moore
                                                                                        Andy Trotta