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Communicating from the start

May 7, 2018

 High school students are holding the booklets they put together for kindergarten parents.Communication is the Life Ready skill we focus on in May. Clear, effective communication is key to achieving our goals. Students enrolled in the Career Readiness Program at Monticello High School are putting their communication skills into practice and helping others while doing it.

These students, some of whom are pictured here, have been assembling "Let's Talk" conversation-starting books to distribute to the incoming kindergarten students. The books were designed by Monticello speech/language therapist Jennifer Mitchell and are intended to help parents get their young students talking with them.

The high school students have worked collaboratively to produce these books - 125 and counting so far! The students, in Tiffany Ferris and Amy Ross’s classes, have worked on this project to give back to the younger students in our community.A table with the Let's Talk books on it.


It’s all about communication!