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June schedule changes

May 18, 2018

Please be advised of the following schedule changes:

• Friday, June 22, is now a full day of school for students in grades K-8. It is the last student day of the school year.
• Monday, June 25, is now a conference day for MCSD staff (no school for students).

School districts are required to provide 180 instructional days in order to receive full state aid. Districts that do not meet this requirement are penalized with a reduction of aid. The district team works diligently each year to create a calendar that meets the 180 day requirement and abides by the New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) statutes. These regulations outline considerations such as what constitutes a full day of instruction, which holidays schools are required to close and which may be used as student days and how schools may make up instructional days lost to inclement weather. For more information on these regulations, please read this memo from Commissioner Elia:

The school calendar is typically created with ample vacation days that can be used as makeup days as need dictates. It is unusual to exhaust all available vacation days and still fall short of the 180 day requirement, but it does happen, particularly when the winter weather persists into the early spring and there are few to no vacation days left that are legally able to be transitioned into student days.

While instructional days are usually unable to be scheduled past the June Regents examination period, the New York State Education Department recently updated its guidelines to reflect that districts may schedule a single Superintendent’s Conference Day on Monday, June 25, 2018 if doing so is necessary to avoid falling below the 180 days of session that are required to receive full state aid. This new guideline has given the district the opportunity to transition Friday, June 22 (previously a conference day) into a student day and transition the previously-scheduled conference day to Monday, June 25, thus preserving our state aid.

As soon as it became apparent that the winter of 2017-18 would be a particularly stormy one, the district had attempted to avoid extending the school year, pre-emptively transitioning conference days, spring break and Presidents Day into student days. However, we are at a point where extending the year by one day is the only option that will enable us to preserve our state aid.
The Board of Regents has recently approved new statutes for the upcoming school year that enables school districts to measure instructional time by hours, rather than days, and we are hopeful that these new statutes will provide more flexibility in amassing 180 days of instructional time. Please keep an eye on the district’s website for more information about this change.