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A special tea for mom

May 17, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there! The students in Megan Hobby and Jessica Ashcraft’s kindergarten class at Cooke Elementary School honored their mothers on Thursday, May 10, by inviting them to a very special Mother’s Day Tea Party. Each student invited their mother, grandmother, and/or guardian for the tea party. The students came to school all dressed up for the special occasion.

The student’s started off the tea party by singing three songs. They then were served some apple juice, iced tea and cookies. Everyone had a fantastic time sharing this special moment.

Kindergarten student in a red dress at a table of cookes with her mom and teacherPictured here are Miss Ashcraft helping kindergarten student Harlow Roth and her mom with the cookies.









Two adult women at the tea party table with a young girl and boy


Kindergartener Milania Rodriguez enjoys the company of her mom, along with Principal Rosemarie Romano and her classmate Joseph Conklin.