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Maple Syrup Month is sweet for KLR students

April 6, 2018

students eat waffles and syrupZoey Cunningham’s family has a sweet business – for three generations, the family has made maple syrup at Maple Grove, located in White Lake.

Zoey, who is a Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary student, and her father, Shane Cunningham, showed students in Mrs. Puapuaga and Ms. Nicoletti’s class how the process to make maple syrup has evolved over the years.

Mr. Cunningham showed the students how his grandfather tapped the trees and then demonstrated the steps the family currently takes to make the syrup.

And, as any family who has had maple syrup in their bloodline for three generations knows, nothing goes better with maple syrup than breakfast, so they also treated both classes to waffles and sausage – a sweet way to celebrate Maple Syrup Month.