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Academy of Finance seniors tour SUNY Sullivan

Dec. 28, 2017

Academy of Finance students at SUNY SUllivanSenior Academy of Finance students visited the SUNY Sullivan campus on Nov. 27, for a tour, a meeting with the president of the college, a history of the school and a good meal.

The AOF students had a variety of things to do throughout the day: they learned about SUNY Sullivan history, academics, and even learned dining etiquette, an important trait as they make their way in the world.

As soon as the group arrived on campus, they were immediately seated in the dining room and introduced to the president of the college, Jay Quaintance. He told the students that when he was their age, he didn't know what he wanted to be. He assured them it is okay not to know yet.

The group learned that SUNY Sullivan has an amazing liberal arts program that will help them find what they want to major in. After hearing about the academic activities offered at Sullivan, they took a tour of the campus. The AOF students were able to take a glimpse at what their college experience would be like at Sullivan and where each area of study is located.

As the tour came to an end, the students went back to the dining room and learned the proper etiquette for dining. AOF students learned to follow the lead of the host as well as to always use proper manners. They learned the correct silverware to use and where to place them. Then they were treated to a meal by the SUNY Culinary Department. They were also given a packet of information so if they ever need to brush up on their etiquette skills, they have a source.

AOF students at SUNY SullivanMaking the tour of SUNY Sullivan an even better experience, current students talked with the group, sharing their thoughts of the school from a student's perspective and answering questions.

The experience was priceless in helping the AOF students determine their future paths.

By AOF Senior Kaitlyn Vaeth