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The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza wows audiences

Dec. 21, 2017

Members of the Monticello High School Drama Club poseMonticello families and friends were treated earlier this month to this year’s high school drama production, The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza, a parody of Greek myths, written by Don Zolidis.

From Medea to Hercules, two narrators framed the story through different lenses, including a feminist version of Pandora and a trip down the river Styx with a very Emo Orpheus.

Under the direction of Mrs. Karen Collura and artistic set production led by Ms. Laurie Kilgore, the drama students further developed their abilities to work together as a cast and crew, grow as performers and artists, and have a great time entertaining their audiences.

Monticello High School Drama Club takes a bow

The cast included:
Seniors - Michael Schneider Jr. and Gabrielle Wissman
Juniors - Michael Abramson, Brianna Howard, Ashley Mancroni, Lexie Rosenstein, Lauren Salerno
Sophomores - Briana IbaƱez, Reem Nada, Brianna Reside, Erin Thompson, Khalea Washington

The crew:
Seniors- Erich Wegner
Junior- Kayla Medina
Sophomore- Marlana DeRosa

Stage lighting and sound team:
Senior- Joseph Steigler
Junior- Fiona Feltman