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Firefighters teach Cooke students about fire safety

Nov. 20, 2017

Students see firefighter in all his gear.Over the years, Fire Prevention Week activities nationwide have focused on informing people how to best prevent fires. One of the best ways is to have on-going conversations with families about the importance of fire safety.

Some Monticello firefighters dropped by the George L. Cooke Elementary School to teach the students about fire safety. The firefighters taught the students strategies to prevent fires and to keep themselves safe if a dangerous situation should occur.

Kimberly Thompson, a fourth grade teacher, and some students demonstrated the proper way to put out a fire on your clothes. It’s called “stop, drop and roll.”

They also learned the importance of preparing for a fire emergency situation by having a meeting place outside and by changing the batteries in all smoke detectors twice a year.

A big Cooke thank you to the Monticello firefighters who took the time out of their busy day to teach the students about fire safety. We appreciate our community of first responders.

Left, firefighter Justin Mapes showing the students what it would look like and sound like if a firefighter had to go into a building to recuse someone.

A student demonstrates how to stop drop and roll.At right, a student demonstrates “stop, drop and roll” as firefighter Justin Mapes looks on.