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Incoming sixth-grade students must receive booster Tdap vaccine


New York state requires all students who will be entering sixth-grade in September to receive a booster Tdap (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) vaccine.

The exceptions for Tdap are students who will be 10 years old as they enter sixth-grade (they will need it when they turn 11) or students who have had a tetanus booster in the last two years.

You may contact your family pediatrician for updates. In addition, there are clinics held at the Sullivan County Public Health Nursing Service (845-292-5910).

You may send any updated immunizations to your students elementary school until the end of the school year. After school ends you may send your information to the middle school health office fax.

Mrs. Rosenstein, Rutherford Elementary 794-4242 Ext. 5 Fax 794-5137
Mrs. Soldwedel, Cooke Elementary 794-8830 Ext. 5 Fax 796-5006
Mrs. Poli, Chase Elementary 888-2471 Ext. 5 Fax 796-5074
Mrs. Werbalowsky, Robert J. Kaiser Middle School 796-3058 Ext. 5 Fax 796-5035