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KLR's got heart

March 19, 2018

Two students show. One who raised the most money and girl who jumped the most ropeIn February, KLR students participated in two endeavors to raise money for the American Heart Association: Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart. With these two fundraisers, KLR students raised more than $1,500!

Stephen Alvarez, a kindergarten student in Mrs. Ferrentinos’ class, helped raise more than $360, the most raised by any one student in the school.

Eve Alden, a fifth grader in Mrs. Stewart’s class, won the school-wide jumprope competition with 72 jumps.

The class that received the most donations was Mrs. Shope’s second grade class with more than $500. In second place was Mrs. Stewart’s class with more than $400. And coming in third place was Mrs. Ferrentinos’ class with more than $375.Girl holding a basketball

Great job, KLR, all for a great cause.