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UPDATE: All-county music festival postponed to Sunday March 4

Feb. 26, 2018

The Sullivan County Music Educators All-County Music Festival , originally scheduled for Saturday, March 3, has been moved to Sunday, March 4, due to the weather.


Monticello High School is hosting the festival. It will be chaired by Monticello music teachers Andrew Verdino and Michael Mingo. The festival is held annually and the location is shared by various school districts throughout the county on a rotating basis.

There will be two concerts on Sunday, March 4. The first concert at 2:30 p.m. will feature the Middle School Concert Band, Elementary Chorus and Senior High String Orchestra. The second concert at 5 p.m. will feature the Junior High Jazz Band, Junior High Mixed Chorus and Senior High Concert Band.

Tickets are $6 for each of the concerts and available at the high school's Arnold Packer Hughs Auditorium before the event. Proceeds will benefit the SCMEA Scholarship Fund. The Monticello Performing Arts Booster Club will also have snacks and refreshments available for purchase.

The following Monticello Central School District students have been selected by audition to participate in this year's festival.

Junior High Mixed Chorus:

Anthony Belgiovene
Scott Doty
Nathaniel Kenny
Nicole Lavere
Cavan Leaney-Levenson
Anyanka Leon
Courtney Travis
Chelsea Walz
Kaitlyn Weiss

Elementary Chorus:

Abiana Alvarez
Cecelya Smith
Chloe Brown
Hailey Kaplan
Jaylee Hernandez
Jaylene Garcia
Kalene Harris
Lexis Kehoe
Maggie Villanueva
Mary Hyde
Maya Fernandez
Megan Bastone
Neha Chetiyaar
Nina Whidbee
Janah Quinones
Jasmine Hall

Senior High Concert Band:

Fiona Feltman
Sarah Shamah
Dana Kurthy
Monisse Cueva
Devon Leaney-Levenson
Ashley Mancroni
Jonathan McGruder
Elizabeth Granados
Morgan Mitchell
Cristina Langone
Gabrielle Wissman
Philip Alden
Ryan Grodin
Jenna Borko
Ryan Smith
Hunter Tallia
Luke Hicks

Junior High Jazz Band:

Carson Somers
Timothy Jones
Christian Reynolds
Peter Lewis Jr.
Jesney Nunez Santos
Sofia Quinones

Senior High String Orchestra:

Alex Reiley
Alison Monroy-Mejia
Eddie Spear
Lina Rios
Sasrika Rajan
Eric Sanchez-Surman
Nathaniel Varughese
Keysy Mendez
Katelynn Babcock
Aubrey Soller
Mia Valencia
Noel Varughese
Krystal Pupo
Louise Bloom
Bella Lovett
Amelia Gleyzer
Olivia Steigler
Dylan Broder
Joe Steigler
Claudia Silverstein
Isaac Mogel
Renee Schreiber
Maredith Parks
Emma Spear