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Real goals, virtual reality rewards

Jan. 18, 2018

Sixth grade students looking through the virtual reality gogglesThere are rewards for working hard and achieving goals. Take Team Albany at the Robert J. Kaiser Middle School.

Sixth grade students of Jamie Volpe, Danielle Dillon and Jo Ann Kelleher have been enjoying some virtual reality experiences. But there is one catch – in order to get the invite from their teachers, students have to show their dedication to achieving their goals.

The students set goals at the beginning of the second marking period after receiving their report cards, said Volpe. “We evaluated the success of our team’s personal chosen goals and decided to use the virtual reality goggles as a reward to those who are close to or reaching goals and/or making good academic and behavioral growth.”

Seems to be working. Volpe reports the virtual reality experiences are incentives for the Team Albany students to step up. And the team teachers have found virtual experiences to align with their curriculum.

“The kids are talking about the fun they are having with it during lunch,” she said. “We are revaluating our set goals and setting new goals at the end of this marking quarter and hopefully we will continue to see a growth in academics.”Two sixth graders looking at virtual reality goggles


Volpe said this is one way the Team Albany teachers are motivating their students to make positive behavioral choices.

“We are just so proud of our students’ successes,” said Volpe, “and will continue to find ways to reach them so they can continue to flourish as individuals and on our team. Team Albany rocks!”

Sixth graders looking through virtual reality goggles