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A visit from an accountant

Jan. 30, 2017

Written by: Tyrese Vilela, AOF Student

12/20/16- A Senior Accountant, Sean Glander came to Mrs. Swaine’s period 1, 2 accounting class to talk to the students about Forensic Accounting. Glander explained the only thing you’ll always have is your name and if you do something or something happens then your name can be tarnished.

Sean Glander mentioned an acronym, RBT, which stands for Remarkably Better Together. He explained as a person with his skill and profession you need to be ethical and always respect someone’s privacy. There are only certain situations in which he has the right to access private information. Glander got the whole class’s attention when he said he could access many social media websites. For example, he explained that if you had something on Snapchat, he can gain access to it even if you or the app deletes it after 24 hours. He can still find it by using special programs long after you have deleted it. Glander also answered questions from students and he explained that journal entrees should be neat and precise and if not, any mistakes or erasure could lead to suspicion and may get you sued if any wrongdoing is found.

It was a pleasure having Sean Glander to talk the students of the Academy of Finance and share his knowledge of accounting and his profession.