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Academy Summer Internship Experiences

Sept. 13, 2016

As the new school year begins, students are typically asked to share what they did during their summer vacation. 16 Academy of Finance juniors and seniors made the most of their time off school by participating in internships at local organizations. From bank teller positions, to support staff at an insurance cooperative, the students worked in a range of positions across Sullivan County. These types of opportunities are crucial to students becoming "life-ready", as they practice the skills required to be successful in the work place. Skills such as being a productive member of a team, providing excellent customer service, taking initiative, persevering through a mundane assignment, communicating appropriately and professionally, and the importance of confidentiality.

In their own words, here’s what the students think about their experiences:

Bengy Francisco poses with Janet YoungBengy Francisco, intern at The Office of Budget and Management at the government center: “The experiences and memories that I gained are invaluable. This opportunity allowed me to learn about and gain an understanding of working in an office, how certain equipment is used and even how the government itself operates. This experience has also helped me further develop as an employee by having me practice my typing, communication and organizational skills.”





Rup Patel poses with Joan Collins and Robert WongRup Patel, intern at Associated Mutual Insurance Cooperative: “My few weeks here taught me more than I would ever have imagined not only about the insurance industry but also about running a business. Specifically, I thought that putting me through each department and having me find which one I would like most was great. This gave me a chance to understand how the business worked and I was able to catch on fast. In addition to this, I thought our meetings were very helpful to get me to understand how the flow of money works in the insurance business which I found highly interesting. I gained so much knowledge on stocks, bonds, different policies and claims. Not only did I learn about these areas but I also improved on my writing, reading, and typing skills as well as speaking to customers.”


Jessica Meyer poses with Robbie GreenJessica Meyer, intern at Robert Green Auto and Truck Inc.: “I learned how to work in a very diverse and stressful work environment. I am very thankful for that because now I feel like I can work anywhere. Over this past summer I improved my ability to multitask as well as not be overwhelmed with the workload.”






Three internship providers offer their thoughts about the Academy of Finance internship program:

Jaclyn McKenna, Chief of Quality Improvement, Corporate Compliance and Adult Continuous Program Development at The Center for Discovery: “Ajah quickly became part of our team and was willing to take on any task given to her! She was professional and competent, setting personal goals and exceeding those goals throughout her time with us. It was a great experience and we would be happy to have her back next year!”

Amanda Ward, JD, Senior Director of Workforce Development, Training, Inclusion & Collaboration at The Center for Discovery: “The Academy of Finance provides our organization with young, local, talented professionals. The high achieving students bring new ideas, innovation and outside of the box thinking to the table. Their professionalism is top notch and skill sets have been known to exceed expectations. The Academy of Finance can be seen as one of Sullivan County’s premiere talent incubators!”

Robert Wong, President, Associated Mutual Insurance Cooperative:
“Associated Mutual has taken advantage of the Academy of Finance internship program for over five straight years, and we could not be happier. Each summer, the Academy has matched a bright and hard-working individual with the needs of our organization. While the students gain invaluable, real world, work experience, we benefit from a cost effective boost in productivity as the interns help tackle projects that have stagnated, free up time for other staff to focus on other priorities, and help cover for staff vacations and leaves. Although one may think that the short duration of the internships would prove pointless, the caliber of the individuals is such that they can learn tasks and functions quickly and contribute immediately.

This summer, the Academy placed Rup Patel with our company. Rup, who will be entering his senior year at Monticello High School this Fall, had prior work experience and demonstrated ambition for general business and entrepreneurship. Upon completing our one-week work rotation through each of our operating departments, he proved to be a quick study and immediately commenced work within our customer support area. Rup’s strong communication skills and confidence were such that he was able to handle a variety of policyholder and agent inquiries, some of which were quite challenging. He also completed tasks for other departments, including marketing research, running loss histories for underwriting, and reorganization of our archives. This summer, we were especially shorthanded due to unexpected personal and medical leaves, so having Rup on board was a tremendous help. We look forward to continuing our win-win relationship with the Academy of Finance. “

Organizations that provided summer internships include Workforce Development, The Government Center Office of Budget and Management, The Center for Discovery, Jeff Bank, Catskill Regional Medical Center, Robert Green Auto and Truck Inc., Associated Mutual Insurance Cooperative, Monticello Central School District, Medi-Fair, Monticello Housing Authority, and Kristt Kelly Office Systems Corp.