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Academy of Finance students welcome speakers

July 22, 2016

In April 2016, the students from Monticello High School's Academy of Finance (AOF) welcomed two visitors to the school. Below, in their own words, students share their experiences:

a Visit from John Veleber

by: Rachel Rivera, AOF Senior

On April 8, John Veleber, Senior Managing Director, Vice President of Sterling National Bank, and AOF Advisory Board Member, visited MHS and the Financial Services class.

He began the discussion with the marvelous news of his new position as a lending officer. Throughout his time with the class, he expanded upon financial services, banking and the possibilities of the students’ future careers in banking.

Mr. Veleber shed light on his background. He was asked the question, “What caused you to pursue the type of employment you’re in now?” He explained to students how his interests fueled who he is and who he has become.

The class consists of juniors who are on the road to adulthood. When students were asked what their thoughts on their future careers were, a divergence of interests were heard. Medicine, economics and many other fields were named. Mr. Veleber then shared an important message: “There is more to life than just money, pursue what makes you happy.” Students were encouraged to follow their desires not the vacuums in their wallets.

Mr. Veleber strongly encouraged the students to begin making connections. “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Students were told they should be constantly selling themselves. It is very significant to not only build yourself up academically but through making relationships with people as well. The qualities of someone who is friendly, respectful, trustworthy, confident and responsible are more likely to earn a job. “You can only make a first impression once”. A reputation for yourself must be made. We never know where we will go but we can create a path for ourselves with guidance from others.

After Mr. Veleber finished expanding upon his career and his area of employment, the students thanked him for speaking with the class. The discussion was very informative and full of wise advice as well as encouragement.

Academy of Finance Advisory Board Member Gives Students Interview Advice

Compiled by Students in the AOF Accounting Class

On April 1st, the Monticello Academy of Finance was grateful to have Joel Blum, Advisory Board Treasurer and AOF graduate, come to the school to give pointers on how to conduct a proper job interview and prepare a professional resume.

Mr. Blum, a financial advisor, lectured the class on such things as proper attire for an interview, eye contact, body language, hand movement, and ways to answer difficult questions. He advised not to say anything negative, and if possible, to turn weaknesses around to make them something being worked on to make positive. Thankfully, when Joel visited he went through the interview process by conducting mock interviews with two students in class. Because of Joel's visit, the students now know how to act, as well at what is expected from an interviewee at a job interview. This will definitely help the class in the future so when they actually go on interviews, they will have a better opportunity to be successful in getting the job that they desire.