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Emma C. Chase students ponder, "What does peace mean to us?"

May 9, 2017 

After learning more about peace and being inspired to share the message, sixth-grade students in the Roscoe School District created a traveling peace poster, which recently made its way to Emma C. Chase Elementary School.

Fifth-grade students at Chase worked with Social and Emotional Wellness (SEW) Facilitator Joseph Prestianni to explore the topic of peace. Afterward, each class created a video based on the question, “What does peace mean to us?”

Watch the videos here:

Ms. Unverzagt's class

Ms. Weissfoot's class

Ms. Harrold's class

“It was a lot of fun working with my friends on the Peace Project,” fifth-grade student Gary said. “I found that when you are kind to others, they are kind to you in return.”

“It is important for us to be peaceful because it makes us better friends and better people,” fifth-grade student Skyler said.

“What I enjoyed most about the peace project was spending time with my friends creating a video that is funny, yet more importantly spreading a powerful message, the message of Peace,” fifth-grade student Luke added. “If we want more peace in the world, it must start with each one of us.”