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Cooke students celebrate Earth Day

May 21, 2017 

Throughout the district, students engaged in Helping Mother Earth Initiatives for Earth Day. During lunch time, almost 500 students at the George L. Cooke Elementary School participated by signing a pledge and placing their painted hand on one of four banners to symbolize their commitment to Environmental Awareness: A Cooke student places her handprint on Earth Day artwork.

I pledge by the show of my hand
To conserve water, to save energy,
To preserve our natural resources
By recycling and taking and using
Only what I need and to share with
My fellow citizens the responsibility
For a cleaner and greener community.

Micheliene Gringas, a Mountaindale, NY artist, sketched the outline for the canvases and mixed the paints prior to the cafeteria event. Evadne Giannini and Shanita Artson of Hospitality Green worked with the students to use their handprints to paint the artwork. In addition, Jane Sorensen, MCSD-USDA project liaison, treated participants to a “spa” hand washing.

The four canvas paintings are on display in the Cooke Café for the enjoyment of visitors and the school community.

For further information, please contact Jane Sorensen at

Cooke students work with a local artist and members of Hospitality Green to create original Earth Day artwork to be displayed in the cafeteria.


Photo 1: Evadne Giannini of Hospitality Green helps kindergarten student Kylie Foulk place her hand in the painting.

Photo 2: Shanita Artson and Evadne Giannini of Hospitality Green, Jane Sorensen, MCSD-USDA project liaison, and third and fourth grade students proudly display their hard work!