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Monti alumnus and business owner Steven Schwartz inspires Cooke studentsMonti alumnus Steven Schwartz visits with Cooke students.

May 21, 2017 

There is an African proverb, which states: “It takes a village to raise a child.” This proverb rings true, especially if you are an elementary school teacher.

During the month of April, two classes – one kindergarten and one first grade - combined to invite Monticello CSD alumni/community professionals to speak with students and read a favorite childhood book. The students brainstormed questions to ask each professional.

Visits from community professionals provide students the opportunity to learn about various occupations. They learn what type of schooling/training is required; they also learn how to brainstorm and work together to develop content appropriate questions. The students practices their speaking and listening skills and discovered how they can give back to their community.

Steven Schwartz, from Steve’s Music Center in Rock Hill, was the first community member to come and speak to the students. Mr. Schwartz is a Monticello District alumnus. He spoke to the students about how he, too, went to the George L. Cooke Elementary School. He also spoke about his store and how he gives back to his community through his involvement with free concerts.

When he was done speaking, students asked questions such as, “Where do you buy your instruments to sell in your store?” and “Did you always want to own a music store?” The students enjoyed their visit with Mr. Schwartz. One student commented, “You must really love music!” This received a chuckle from Mr. Schwartz and the teachers.

Pic: Steve's Music Center owner Steven Schwartz visits with Joana Dutcher and Dennis Lankau’s first grade class and Megan Hobby and Jessica Ashcraft’s kindergarten class.