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Six students awarded State Scholarship for Excellence

Feb. 2, 2017

Six remarkable Monticello High School seniors and their parents were given a surprise announcement that left them speechless and bursting with pride. Congratulations to the following students for having the highest average regents scores and for being awarded this year’s New York State Scholarship for Excellence: Lillie Carnell, Christian Dima, Thomas Nola, Jillian McEneaney, Parth Patel and Taylor Spargo.

The students and their families were invited to attend a breakfast meeting with the school’s principal and guidance staff to learn about some exciting news, but they were not sure what it had entailed.

You have earned this because you’re the top six seniors in the entire school,” Monticello High School Principal Stephen Wilder said. “If you go to a New York school upon graduating, there is a scholarship waiting for you to be used.”

“It’s one thing for you to be great students. You’re only a student for a finite amount of time,” MHS Guidance Counselor Sheryl Manz said. “More importantly, you’re all great people. You’ve been a gift to us and we’re excited to watch you bring that gift to your college and beyond.”

Pictured from left to right: Jillian McEneaney, Parth Patel, Lillie Carnell, Taylor Spargo, Thomas Nola, Christian Dima and MHS Principal Stephen Wilder.