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Cooke students ring in the Year of the Rooster

Feb. 24, 2017

Cooke students watch a video about Chinese traditionsOn Thursday, Feb. 16, students at George L. Cooke Elementary School rang in the Year of the Rooster. As part of the school’s diversity initiative, the EPIC (Every Person Influences Children) team, in collaboration with Cooke’s waste reduction team, treated students to a presentation and crafts celebrating the Chinese New Year during each lunch period.

 Students (and staff!) danced along to videos of the “rooster dance,” watched videos of New Years’ traditions and learned about the history of the Chinese New Year. With a diagram, students discovered what their own Chinese Zodiac animal sign is, as well as the traits that are attributed to each sign. They also colored rooster-themed photos. Like any traditional Chinese New Year, the celebration ended with a dazzling fireworks display (via video, of course).

 The event was part of Cooke’s larger mission to celebrate diversity and teach students about how cultures differ, and how they are similar. Some of the students were excited to notice that traditional Chinese lanterns were very similar to lanterns that they had made during a school art project. Other students chimed in with stories about their own cultural traditions.

 “I am very pleased to see how the children responded to the videos,” EPIC Co-Facilitator Shanita Artson said. “I look forward to our next cultural and diversity celebration.”

Don't know much about the Chinese New Year? Check out this informative video, one of many which were shown to students during this celebration.