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Please take note of the following end of semester date changes

Jan. 25, 2017

Attention Robert J. Kaiser Middle School students and families: please read and take note of the following message from Principal Nick Millas in regards to changes in end of semester dates for classes, grades and reporting.

Due to all the early dismissals and school closures the past few weeks it has been necessary for the school’s faculty, administration and students to be flexible, adaptive and responsive. The following message will also be sent home to parents via SchoolMessenger phone recording on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Please take note of the following adjustments:

1. The end of the first semester will be extended from this Friday, Jan. 27 to Monday, Jan. 30. Therefore, Jan. 30 will be the last day of the first semester and will be an "A" day.

2. The start of the second semester will now be Tuesday, Jan. 31, and will also be an "A" day to start the second semester.

3. The Monticello High School will begin the second semester on Tuesday, Jan. 31, as well, so that both school will be in alignment.

4. The due date for course grades has been extended from Tuesday, Jan. 31, to Thursday, Feb. 2. This means that report cards will be mailed on Monday, Feb. 6.

5. The ineligibility report date has been moved from Feb. 1 to Feb. 3 to coincide with the end of semester grades.

Make it a great end of semester and stay safe in your winter activities.