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“Monticello Blue” knows how to solve a problem

Dec. 6, 2016

the monticello blue junior math league posesThe “Monticello Blue” Junior Math League team is invited to compete in the Mid-Hudson Junior math League playoffs at Minisink Middle School after winning the sections.

“Monticello Blue” competed in five meets against other local teams, where they solved math problems in order to gain points. At the completion of the five meets, the judges tallied up each team’s score and declared Monticello Blue the Section D winner with a final count of 58 points on Nov. 22, 2016.

The “Monticello Blue” Junior Math League took home a trophy after winning Section D during the Mid-Hudson Jr. Math League’s meet, held at Minisink Middle School.

Two students – Sasrika Rajan and Sarah Samah -- won individual awards after correctly answering at least 12 questions throughout the season and made more than 50 percent of their answers correct. The student with the overall highest percentage of correct answers in the section was Monticello Blue’s Sasrika Rajan.

Pictured: The "Monticello Blue" Team was the team that won section D and received a trophy. Imani Embrey (8th grade), Joey Hundeland(7th grade), Madison Kehoe (8th grade), Winson Kwok( 8th grade), Hanna Oestrich(9th grade), Irvin Oestrich(6th grade), Sasrika Rajan(9th grade), Sarah Samah(9th grade), Rosie Sheppard (9th grade), and Julia Simonetti (9th grade).