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Leadership Summit seeks to improve Sullivan County community

Nov. 28, 2016
Written by AOF Senior Bengy Francisco.

speaker at the leadership summitOn October 18, 2016, local civic, business and nonprofit leaders came together at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts to discuss how to improve the health and well-being of our communities. The morning started off with registration, breakfast and welcoming introductions from Linda C. Hartley, Luis Alvarez and Michelle A. Koury.

Then two talented students, Will Colpoys from the Roscoe School District and Asia Calabrese-Lewispeakers at the summits from Sullivan West, performed for those in attendance. The performance was a great start to the day. Afterwards, Steven H. Woolf gave a presentation that discussed the challenges that our communities are facing. Through statistics, studies and charts, Mr. Woolf shared how the well-being and health of our people is in a critical state. The presentation gave a clear message of the problems that we are facing and should work hard to eliminate. After discussing the troubles of our communities, a panel then came together to highlight certain programs/projects that could or are benefiting the community. The panel consisted of Margaret O. Casey, Michelle A. Koury, Nancy McGraw, William Silver, Judy Balaban and our very own superintendent Tammy Mangus. The panel was followed by lunch where attendees of the event networked in order to exchange ideas and contact information since these people actually want to work with one another in order to make a change for the betterment of everyone. The Leadership Summit Innovation Award went to Prasad, a collaborative project that aims to provide prenatal and postnatal oral health instruction for parents/caregivers.
leadership summit
To end the day, Tony P. Burgess discussed leadership skills and tactics in order to make workplace collaboration more efficient.

This event was very powerful and engaging in that it taught people how to make a difference and better the lives of everyone with collaboration and hard work.