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John Greenbaum enhances Academy of Finance students' learning

Oct. 12, 2016

John Greenbaum visits AOF class Sept. 26On September 26, John Greenbaum, Certified Financial Planner and CFO, visited the Financial Decision Making class. The class consists of seniors who have started looking into college opportunities and possible future professions.

The discussion commenced with Mr. Greenbaum greeting the students and then distributing a packet that elaborated upon the financial planning process. Definitions and explanations were provided helping the students to have a larger understanding of what was being discussed.

In addition to the packet, students were also given a note-taking guide. It is very important to take notes while listening to a speech of any kind. It helps the listener to comprehend the information as well as recollect what was said and what thoughts were generated. Mr. Greenbaum explained the importance of asking questions and taking notes when conducting the initial meeting with a prospective client. It is up to the individual to decide whether the client they are meeting with is a good fit for him/her.

A repeated word of advice Mr. Greenbaum provided was the essential need for planning. He stressed the need for planning in numerous ways. Part of the financial planning process is establishing a financial goal, creating a plan to reach the goal, implementing and then monitoring the plan.

Mr. Greenbaum demonstrated what it means and looks like to be a professional working adult. He wore a conservative dark blue suit, was clear and concise with his words, as well as prompt and prepared for the discussion. He explained to the students what these simple actions could say about a person to another individual.

The students thanked Mr. Greenbaum for his time and his wonderful message. The discussion was enlightening and instructive.

If you would like to meet and/or talk with Mr. Greenbaum, he will be attending the MHS Career Pathways Day on March 10, 2017.

Written by Academy of Finance senior Rachel Rivera