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Monticello School District music students chosen for 62nd annual all-county music festival

Feb. 22, 2016

The Monticello Central School District will again be well represented at this years Sullivan County Music Educators’ Association All-County Music Festival.

The festival takes place over 2 days culminating in two concert performances on Saturday, March 5, 2016.

Over 500 top young musicians in grades 4-12 from 8 school districts in Sullivan County have been selected to participate in this year’s festival. Students will work with notable guest conductors from throughout the United States on Friday, March 4, and again all day on Saturday, March 5, 2016.


March 5, 2016
2:30 p.m. (SH String Orchestra, Elementary Chorus, MS Band)
5:00 p.m. (JH Jazz Ensemble, Women’s Chorus, JH Mixed Chorus, SH Band)
Both concerts will take place at Liberty High School’s David Panebaker Auditorium

The weather contingency plan is as follows:

If March 4 is canceled, all groups will rehearse as scheduled on March 5.
If March 5 concerts are canceled, March 6 is the snow date.
Tickets are priced at $6.

Below is a list of Monticello students that were chosen and their respective ensembles:

Senior Concert Band
Allison Linen
Ciera Moore
Monisse Cueva
Devon Leaney-Levenson
Michael Schneider
Jonathan McGruder
Morgan Mitchell
Devin Wiseman
Ryan Katz
Sara Miller
Cristina Langone
Ryan Mendels
Philip Alden
Joseph Schneider
Paul Ippolito
Ryan Smith
Timothy Wilbur
Patrick Owens
Jordan Drapkin
Josiah Jones

Junior High Jazz Band

Sarah Grodin
Arnold San Miguel
Adrian Velasco
Brianna Soto
Luke Hicks
Gabe Jones

High String Orchestra
Annay Ames-Shaw
Anna Bittinger
Louise Bloom
Brianna Bowdren
Demitra Bowen
Dylan Broder
Rachael Broder
Shawn Burke
Kaylynn Champagne
Michelle Duran
Raymond Figueroa
Samantha Gray
Allison Kurthy
Bella Lovett
Aryana McKoy
Keysy Mendez
Olivia Mulhern
Taylor Parks
Maredith Parks
Alex Reiley
Lina Rios
Rachel Rivera
Taylor Spargo
Emma Spear
Eddie Spear
Kellie Swensen

Elementary Chorus
Jovanni Jenkins
Adannya Carter
Leah Taggart
Isaiah Uhl
Erin Spear

Women’s Chorus
Madison Black
Sydney Carnell
Kayla Colon
Sara Daniells
Briana Ibanez
Cavan Leaney Levenson
Madison Lee
Liza Mitchell
Jesney NunezSantos
Avianna Pryce
Sophia Quinones
Rebecca Salerno
Jaqueline Salgado
Rosalie Sheppard
Erin Thompson
Courtney Travis
Marley Wells

Mixed Chorus
Quentin Cruz
Amelia Gleyzer
Samantha Hopper
Leila Krauss
Kaitlyn McKelvey
Isacc Mogel
Dylan Price
Briann Reside
Christopher Samaniego
Eric Sanchez Surman
Paul Soto
Kyrah Straigis
Nikko Suarez
Evan Waterton
Ryan Weiner
Joshua Worden