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Fifth-grade students buy a flock of chickens and a sheep

Fifth-grade students buy a flock of chickens and a sheep016

Thanks to the efforts of two classes at Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School, a rural community in a developing country willstudents raised money for heifer international soon receive a flock of chickens and a sheep.

Karen Stewart and Michelle Steich’s fifth-grade classes became interested in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that they had learned about in September of this school year. Inspired by the document, the classes wanted to help citizens in other countries who are struggling with basic needs.

The classes began researching charitable organizations, and became involved with Heifer International, which strives to “link communities and help bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty,” according to the organization’s website. One way to donate through the organization is to purchase “gifts” which are delivered to the rural poor in developing countries on the donor’s behalf, and the students decided that they wanted to send a gift to another country.

Throughout the school year, the two classes raised funds to donate to the charity. In June, the teachers tallied the funds and the students voted to use the donations to send one flock of chickens, and a share in a donation toward a sheep. The class chose to use the remaining funds to kick-start next years’ classes’ fundraiser.
“Mrs. Stewart and I are proud of how hard the students worked to make this fundraiser a possibility,” Mrs. Steich said. “We really enjoyed watching the students become so caring toward others.”