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Meet the 2016 Summa Cum Laude graduates

June 17, 2016

"Summa Cum Laude" is Latin for "with the highest distinction." And that is just how these students are closing this chapter of their lives -- with a grade point average above 95 percent, and an academic foundation that will serve them well no matter what path they take. Meet these incredible young women and man.

Stacy Andryshak

Plans after graduation: To attend Northeastern University for a combined major in Communications Studies and Media eScreenStacy Andryshak Studies in the fall.

Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities: Acting in drama and musicals, “Art Junkies” clib, Student Council Treasurer, volunteer with the Interact Club.

Favorite quote/piece of advice: “If you’re loyal to your own passions and draw from your own experience, it will make your work so unique that it will become [memorable] no matter what it is.” – Dustin Lance Black.

Favorite memory of high school: being part of the annual musical (3 years) and drama (2 years) productions. These have always been activities that have forced me to step outside of my comfort zone. Not only have I been quite a few memorable characters, but I have also made some memorable friends through these activities who I may never have met otherwise. Having the drama and musical to look forward to every year has been the highlight of my high school experience.

Someone from MCSD who inspires you, or who has helped you throughout the years:
Mrs. Collura, the head of Monticello High School’s Engligh department was one of my favorite teachers and leaders during my time in the high school. Not only did she have us do the coolest projects as my AP English teacher, but she also facilitated the high school drama both years that I was involved in it. The way that she listens to the concerns and suggestions students have both in and out of class is very inspirational to me.

Future career path: I am currently unsure as to what my future career path will be, but I hope that it is something creative.


Rachael Broder

Rachael BroderPlans after graduation: Attend Lafayette College to study biology on a pre-med track

Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities: Art Club (president), Pit Orchestra (concert master), Bashakill volunteer, Orange Regional Medical Center Volunteer.

Favorite quote/piece of advice: “What would life be like if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent Van Gough

Favorite memory of high school: Every Art Junkies meeting ever. They are the best people I have ever met.

Someone from MCSD who inspires you, or who has helped you throughout the years:
My seventh and eighth-grade math teacher, Mr. Bolduc, who helped me through a really difficult time in my life.

                                                                                          Future career path: Trauma Surgeon 

Ciera Moore

Plans after graduation: Attend Syracuse University in the fall to major in Linguistics and minor in business. Ciera Moore

Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities: I work at the E.B. Crawford Public Library. In my spare time, I read and spend time with friends and family. I also enjoy playing golf.

Favorite quote/piece of advice: “You could rattle the stars. You could do anything if only you dared. And deep down, you know it too. That’s what scares you the most.” – Sarah T. Maas

Favorite memory of high school: I sincerely can’t answer this. It could be anything from Mrs. Majewska’s deep, thoughtful conversations in Calc to the toy drive shopping in Middletown. I can’t pick one memory because that wouldn’t be fair. Every single moment in this school has shaped me into the person I am today.

Someone from MCSD who inspires you, or who has helped you throughout the years:
Michael Moss, Karen Collura, Beth Lauri, Jane Powers, Steven Jenks, Helena Majewska, Tricia Cahalan, Karen Deans, Chris Russo, Timothy Potts, Cyrena DiCio, Scott Fitzhett.

Future career path: To be a translator for the United Nations, or an editor at a publishing company.
Anything else about you that is important to know: I thrive on competition and love being organized. I am also very indecisive so all plans are subject to change.


Timothy Braunstein

Timothy BraunsteinPlans after graduation: I will be attending the University of Michigan to double major in Business Administration and Biopsychology Cognition and Neuroscience.

Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities: I was involved in the musical, debate, jazz band and I throw in indoor and outdoor track. I enjoy dishing, snowboarding, playing music and pretty much anything outdoors.

Favorite quote/piece of advice: “If it doesn’t feel right, go left.”

Favorite memory of high school: Climbing up and dancing on top of the speakers at junior prom.

Someone from MCSD who inspires you, or who has helped you throughout the years:
Mr. Gold, Mr. Keesler, Mrs. Manz.

Future career path: I want to become a psychologist and eventually own and operate a group practice psychology and social work clinic.

Anything else about you that is important to know: I can hold my breath underwater for 15 seconds. I nap occasionally.


Rebecca Bass

Plans after graduation: I will be attending Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts and will be majoring in Business ofRebecca Bass Creative Enterprises with a minor in Nonprofit Communication Management.

Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities: Academy of Finance Club Co-President, Chamber Choir, Tri-M Music Honor Society, National Honor Society, school musicals.

Favorite quote/piece of advice: “One day you’re seventeen and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And that someday is yesterday. And this is your life.”

Favorite memory of high school: My favorite memory of high school is getting the chance to be Belle in my senior musical, Beauty and the Beast. I am also very proud to have co-coordinated the first-ever Academy of Finance My School Color Run at the high school this past May.

Someone from MCSD who inspires you, or who has helped you throughout the years:
Susan Bahrenburg, Marissa Jurow, Martha Landau, Robert Keesler, Edward Gold, Jay Brooks, Linda Baisley, Scott Smith, John Maranzana.

Future career path: I want to become an entrepreneur and manage my own business. I hope to do meaningful work for non-profit organizations too.

Anything else about you that is important to know: I have truly enjoyed my years in the Monticello Central School District and I am proud to have grown up here and taken advantage of meeting such a diverse group of friends and teachers who I would never have met anywhere else.


Allison Kurthy

Allison KurthyPlans after graduation: I will be attending Nazareth College to study music therapy.

Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities: Drama Club, musical pit orchestra, Chamber Singers. I also like to read.

Favorite quote/piece of advice: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Favorite memory of high school: Favorite memory of high school: Participating in drama and hanging out in the music wing with my friends.

Someone from MCSD who inspires you, or who has helped you throughout the years:
Mr. Wegrzyn, Mrs. Jurow, Mrs. Collura, Mr. Smith… basically all of my teachers.

Future career path: I would like to be a music therapist, but I also have a passion for Disney and would like to work for the Walt Disney Company at some point.

Sara Miller

Plans after graduation: Major in Biology in Mansfield University Sara Miller

Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities: National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, jazz band, pit orchestra, soft ball, Tri-M.

Favorite quote/piece of advice: Life is too short to worry about what others say or think about you. So, have fun and give them something to talk about.

Favorite memory of high school: There are too many to name. From Ms. Majewska’s speech about her daily schedule to Mr. Jenks making fun of me for liking math (back when I actually did like math), high school has been an adventure in itself

Someone from MCSD who inspires you, or who has helped you throughout the years:
Karen Deans – seventh/eighth-grade science teacher.

Future career path: Something in the medical field.


Alexis Romer

Alexis RomerPlans after graduation: I am going to the University of New Haven. I am majoring in Criminal Justice with a concentration in forensic psychology.

Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities: I am a member of the Art Junkies. I also participate in weekly 3-D archery shoots.

Favorite quote/piece of advice: “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

Favorite memory of high school: It is so hard to choose just one because this school has honestly offered me so much. The first thing that comes to mind is the shriek week scavenger hunt. It could also be seeing Romeo and Juliet or Of Mice and Men on Broadway. I can’t decide.

Someone from MCSD who inspires you, or who has helped you throughout the years:
Mr. Bolduc and Madame Kaplan.

Future career path: forensic psychologist, hopefully eventually for the FBI.