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“I Wanna” meet an author!

May 3, 2016author Karen Kaufman Orloff reads to students at Kenneth L Rutherford

Kenneth L. Rutherford (KLR) first-grade students enjoyed a visit from author Karen Kaufman Orloff. Ms. Kaufman Orloff has published nine children’s books, including the popular “I Wanna” series, and her latest release, “Miles of Smiles.”

She told students that most of her story ideas are inspired by her own life. For example, her son wanted an iguana for a pet and that was what sparked the idea for the book, “I Wanna Iguana”. Ms. Kaufman Orloff shared pictures of her family’s iguana, drafts from her books and pre-binding prints.

After the presentation, students had the opportunity to ask questions and Ms. Kaufman Orloff autographed their books. One student in particular, Jesus Correa, was very eager to talk with Ms. Kaufman Orloff since his favorite books are the “I Wanna” series.