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Chase Elementary ups its game on physical fitness, wins lacrosse grant

May 19, 2016

Students from Emma C. Chase Elementary School will soon get acquainted with “the fastest game on two feet,” courtesy of US Lacrosse.

Emma C. Chase Elementary School is slated to receive a “Soft Stick” award package from the sport’s national governing body that will help the physical education department introduce young people to the sport.

Valued at $500, the grant includes 30 introductory “soft” lacrosse sticks that will help youth that have never played lacrosse get a feel for the game by catching and throwing lacrosse balls with sticks that are appropriate for their size.

Through this grant, Chase will receive the following:
• 15 blue (or green) soft lacrosse sticks
• 15 red (or yellow) soft lacrosse sticks
• 30 orange soft lacrosse balls
• 1 copy of the US Lacrosse Physical Education Curriculum Guide and Reproducible Packet
• 1 copy of the US Lacrosse Teaching Soft-Stick Lacrosse DVD, a video-based workshop for physical education teachers

The gender neutral, lightweight sticks will also become an important part of the school’s PE classes, beginning next school year.

“I grew up in Maryland where lacrosse very popular so I am very excited to introduce our students to the game,” physical education teacher Tamara Coney said. “I would love to see the sport come to Sullivan County.”

Mrs. Coney explained that while lacrosse has been popular at the college level for several years, it has not typically found at the high school level.

“Lacrosse has taken off in recent years; many surrounding counties now have high school lacrosse teams,” she said. “Introducing lacrosse at the elementary level may pique student interests so much that one day Monticello High School may have its very own lacrosse team.”

More importantly, she added that “bringing lacrosse to Chase is another chance to interest a child and offer them a way to be healthy and active and have fun while doing so.”

For more information about the Soft Stick Lacrosse Equipment grant, please click here.