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George L. Cooke Elementary School: students build like Superkids’ Doc

April 1, 2016

Kindergarten students at George L. Cooke Elementary Schools have been recently introduced to the Superkids Reading Program,students from George L Cooke Elementary School make birdhouses which is a curriculum designed to foster literacy in young students. One of the most engaging features of the program is its cast of characters, who all have unique interests and talents. One character in the program is named Doc, and he enjoys building and repairing old toys. When reading intervention teacher, Baeta Saa, and ESL teacher Eliza Kondzielaksi, noticed how much students enjoyed reading about Doc, they decided to search for a hands-on activity that would enable the students to relate to Doc.

With spring around the corner, the teachers decided that a bird feeder would be a great project for the students to participate in. The Monticello Home depot donated all the materials needed for the project, down to the bird seed. The students spent an engaging afternoon building and painting their own bird feeder, decked out in bright orange Home Depot aprons.

The experience enabled the students to connect the Superkids curriculum with an authentic, real-life, tactile experience.

The school is grateful to the Monticello Home Depot for its generosity.