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MHS Driver’s Education students attend
Teen Safety Day, NY Auto Show

April 11, 2016

On April 1, Driver Education students from Monticello High School attended the first Teen Safety Day at the New York Auto Show at Manhattan’s Javits Convention Center.

Students had the opportunity to participate in a hands-on simulator activity that demonstrated the dangers of distracted driving. Donning virtual reality goggles, headphones and wrist sensor, students drove through a typical urban scene and were instructed to check text messages and drink from their water bottles. These distractions made driving safely more difficult and for most students caused a collision that ended the simulation experience. This event reinforced to teens how driving ability is seriously impaired by distractions that range from texting to other passengers in the vehicle.

Other attractions at the show demonstrated the use and development of hybrid technology. Toyota Motor Corp. had their latest Rav4 Hybrid vehicle present, allowing spectators to go for a ride, witnessing firsthand the performance, comfort and technology offered in the newly introduced hybrid vehicle. Students also participated in Jeep’s® ride-along event. This experience demonstrated the outrageous off-road capabilities of these vehicles. The handling/traction performance was both surprising and impressive to say the least. Other displays included a historical timeline of the NYPD’s Police Vehicles, classic and customized cars/trucks, various concept cars and an inside track demonstration of vehicles powered by alternate energy sources.

This was Monticello students’ first experience at the New York Auto. They left this event with a better understanding of how technology is impacting the automotive industry, a better appreciation for safety, an increased knowledge for alternative energy options and a little bit of auto history.