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“Chat and Chew” book club gets students reading

March 7, 2016

Forty students at George L. Cooke Elementary School have chosen to spend their lunchtime indoors in a classroom with a book. It’s not study hall, or a case of inclement weather – it’s a new book club for fourth-grade students called “Chat and Chew.” students read together during chat and chew

Chat and Chew was created to encourage fourth-grade students to read for pleasure. Membership is voluntary and open to any fourth-grade student. The only pre-requisite is that students must keep up with their classroom daily reading logs in order to participate. Since the club’s inception after the winter recess in January, the students have met twice to discuss their current book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Megan Murray, a fourth-grade LIA teacher at Cooke, founded the club and chose Harry Potter as the first book because of its multi-faceted characters and plot lines.

“It’s an awesome book in that it has a lot of different characters and layers for students to discover,” Ms. Murray said. “I also encouraged staff members and parents to participate and a lot of adults also love this book, so it’s great to be able to share that love of both reading and Harry Potter together.”

Chat and Chew is also an opportunity for students to use the reading and comprehension skills that they are learning during class time. They are summarizing, visualizing, utilizing context clues to decipher new vocabulary, and identifying character traits and point of view.

“They don’t even realize that they’re doing all of these things because as they see it, they’re enjoying a book in a relaxed atmosphere,” Ms. Murray said.